Managing Change with Compassion: A Story of One Company’s Decision to Provide Outplacement Services

By: Lee Johnson, Senior Career Consultant 

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations must make difficult decisions to stay competitive and adapt to the shifting market. One of the most challenging decisions is a reduction in force (RIF) – a move that can create uncertainty for both the company and its employees. However, amid these challenges are companies that rise to the occasion and demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of their workforce. This is the story of one of our clients who, when confronted with having to downsize, prioritized outplacement services

Our client is a well-established player in their industry but was faced with a challenging market that necessitated a reduction in their workforce, not just once, but twice this year. Recognizing the impact on employees, the company's leadership decided to take a proactive and compassionate approach to this tough situation. They felt providing outplacement services was not just an obligation but a moral responsibility to support their departing staff. 

As Palmer Group’s Senior Career Consultant, I had the privilege of working with our client during the transition. The company’s commitment to its employees was evident from the start. They reached out to Palmer Group early on, seeking a program to support exiting employees that aligned with their budget. We offer a variety of different career transition programs which all include the basics needed for a job search; how to manage change, navigating career decisions, resume development, social media strategies and job search strategies, networking and interview coaching, and assisting with job offer negotiations. We also provide additional services, depending on the length of the program and unique needs for the affected individuals.   

We understand companies do not often budget for outplacement, so together we tailored a comprehensive program that met their needs and budget. The program included:  
  • One-on-One Coaching: Employees received one-on-one counseling sessions to help assess skills, interests, and goals to identify potential career paths. 
  • Resume and Interview Training: Professional assistance was provided to update resumes and prepare for job interviews. 
  • Job Search Support: Employees were given access to our CPI Portal, PowerMyCareer™ with tools and technologies to help support their search.
  • Emotional Support: Coping with job loss is emotionally challenging. The program included one-on-one coaching and support to help employees manage the stress and emotional toll of the situation. 
The outplacement services offered by our client had a great impact on their employees. While the initial shock and disappointment of a job loss were still present, employees felt valued and supported throughout the transition. Many reported appreciation towards their former employer for caring enough to provide them with a “soft exit” from the company. They felt more confident in their job search and better equipped to navigate the competitive job market; some employees even found new opportunities sooner than anticipated. 

Our client’s decision to provide outplacement service serves as an inspiring example of corporate responsibility and empathy in a challenging business environment. It highlights the importance of putting people first and supporting employees, not just during their tenure but also during times of transition. The departing employees left with a sense of confidence and gratitude, knowing their company had gone above and beyond to support them. 

As we navigate an ever-changing corporate landscape, our client’s story reminds us that even in difficult times, there is always an opportunity for companies to demonstrate a commitment to their most valuable asset: their employees. If you have additional questions about our outplacement and career transition services, please reach out to us today and get connected with one of our career transition experts.