Palmer Group is an Employee Owned Company

What does it mean to be employee owned? When a business becomes part of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) employees have a personal stake in the business because they can now earn shares in that company. This gives employee-owners a sense of empowerment and a shared vision of success. Palmer Group became employee-owned in 2016; since then we've established an ownership culture that engages and empowers employees. We also started an employee ownership committee that helps educate our company about ESOP year-round.


It is important to educate our employees throughout our journey, but it’s equally important to have fun along the way. We have a culture that supports and celebrates each other, and we recognize the impact of combining personal and company successes. Success doesn’t have to be defined by a role; we provide our employee-owners the opportunity to fulfill their passion and show gratitude by serving on various committees and teams.

We observe each other’s strengths through monthly MVP votes based on living out our values and principles and sharing “making lives better” moments. Most importantly, you can find us making time for each other during team outings, service events in the community, team-building activities, our annual golf outings, team dinners, and nearly anything involving friendly competition.

Employee's celebrating


As we venture down the path of employee ownership, we see the impact of continuous education. After attending an ESOP conference in 2018, our leaders decided to establish an Employee Ownership Committee. Their mission is to maintain a bridge with all employee owners by educating, celebrating, and embracing a culture of employee ownership.


As an employee-owned company, we have the ability to make lives better. We provide a more promising financial retirement plan based on the success of our company. In doing so, we build an environment where our employee-owners collaborate, think strategically, and work toward a common goal. We do this by educating our people about the inner workings of our ESOP plan through monthly company meetings, team-building activities, blogs, lunch-and-learns, and regional conferences.