What are Outplacement and Career Transition Services?

Outplacement services help laid-off employees transition to a new job. These services are paid for by the employer and provide free job search assistance to displaced workers. Outplacement programs are specifically designed to ease the feelings of abandonment, resentment, and anxiety that employees often feel after being let go.  

Outplacement services provide numerous resources where laid-off employees can get assistance with: 

  • Drafting resumes and cover letters
  • Accessing career counseling/coaching
  • Signing up for job boards and training programs
  • Finding new opportunities and job search assistance 

As many companies have begun to recognize, people are their most important asset. Your company should be prepared and have a complete lifecycle of employment within your organization, starting with a comprehensive onboarding program through offboarding – and outsourcing your offboarding can be largely beneficial. Not only can companies save money by outsourcing outplacement services to a third party, but it can also ensure positive outcomes for your brand reputation, laid-off worker’s mental health, employee engagement, and overall company morale. 

By supporting terminated employees in a respectful and compassionate way through outplacement services, an organization can reduce: 

  • Workplace retaliation and violence
  • Unemployment costs
  • Lawsuits and legal expenses
Since 2003, Palmer Group has been a part of Career Partners International (CPI) and has offered career transition services to companies both large and small – and we are committed to providing customized services with a coach-centered approach. Contact Lee Johnson to learn more about our services and how we can support your employee offboarding.