Candidate Evaluation and Assessment Services

Palmer Group provides a variety of additional resources to complement our traditional employment solutions. Whether you need an unbiased recommendation for an internal promotion or help finding the right assessment resources for your recruiting, evaluating, and retention efforts; our team is equipped to assist your company through any season.

Candidate Evaluation Services

Managing a candidate pool can be a sensitive and extremely time-consuming process for any company or search committee. Palmer Group can provide valuable unbiased input when boards find themselves analyzing internal employees for a crucial promotion. We have a team focused on supporting your organization throughout this process with a variety of levels of support. Our services include:

  • Fielding every application
  • Conducting phone screens
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Administering assessments
  • Submitting interview debrief reports
  • Narrowing the candidate pool based on company-provided qualifications
  • Checking professional references
  • Providing summaries
  • Exiting candidates from the process

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Assessment and Learning Services

Each year more organizations use assessments to ensure the future success of their most valuable resource, their people. Whether you are using assessments to help make educated hiring decisions or using them as part of ongoing professional development, our assessment services will provide you with increased confidence in your recruiting processes and professional development for your organization. Below is a list of resources Palmer Group can provide as part of our services.

Employee prescreening and selection assessments

Harver – Outmatch Assessment
Measures the must-have soft skills your candidates and employees need to be successful. Harver is designed to assist in the selection of individuals utilizing a library of validated profiles for over 900 jobs.

Orion Pre-employment Survey
Gives you a quick snapshot of an applicant's work-related attitudes and behaviors that can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Orion is designed to assist in selecting and onboarding candidates for roles such as bank staff, warehouse staff and production workers.

An intelligence test used to assess the learning and problem-solving aptitude of prospective employees for a range of occupations.

Skills Tests
Measure proficiency in areas like general job readiness skills, verbal and math comprehension, typing and data entry, basic computer literacy, and Microsoft Office. They are designed to determine whether an individual has the requisite level of skill required to effectively perform at a job that will require the frequent use of the skills in question.

Customizable employee development and coaching tools

An employee’s professional development is essential to the success of your organization. Especially today, it is important to continue to develop their talent and provide growth opportunities within your organization. 

Business Motivators
Helps individuals understand what influences the choices they make as they move through their careers.

Perception’s 360
Helps employees at all levels gain insight into their strengths and developmental needs by providing feedback from multiple perspectives — peers, subordinates, managers, and internal and external customers.

An online DISC-based profiling system designed to provide insight into an individual’s behavioral style in a work environment.

Harver – Outmatch
Also is designed to assist in onboarding and developing individuals with their comprehensive, developmental reports.

Sales Acumen Survey
Provides an individual’s understanding of their approach to relationship selling, their sales strengths and developmental suggestions for their manager.

Continued learning resources

 A learning platform that helps your employees refresh their current skills and embrace new ones, so they stay confident, capable, and in demand. Skillsoft is made for learners. The content is purpose-built to help your employees achieve their goals — whether that’s earning a tech certification, stepping up to tackle a more challenging role, or simply exploring new subjects that sound intriguing.

  • The most extensive course library in the world.
  • Courses developed based on the science of learning.
  • 24/7 cloud access to all courses.
  • Courses for every step of your career.

To learn more about assessment and learning services provided by Palmer Group, please contact us today.