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Successful companies know it's crucial to have dynamic customer service and administrative support teams. Whether you're in need of a temporary receptionist, long-term project coordinator, permanent office manager, bilingual customer service representative, or anything in-between, our seasoned experts are dedicated to supporting your business's needs.

We understand the importance of sourcing the right candidates for these roles. With our extensive network of professionals, we're ready to help you fill an immediate job opening. Our experts can also take the time to walk you through the hiring process to figure out the best staffing solution for you and get you up to speed on current hiring trends.

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We work with organizations, ranging from large to small businesses, and we understand the importance of each customer service and administrative role. Our experts compile their knowledge in trend blogs and our annual salary guide that features data from our administrative and customer service division. Below are a few of the most popular positions we see in the job market today.

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Data Processor
  3. Receptionist 
  4. Administrative Assistant
  5. Executive Administrative Assistant

Partnering with Palmer Group gives you access to our experts, who are up-to-date on hiring best practices and current pay rates. Our team is equipped to fill your immediate job opening or consult with you about job titles, job descriptions, and pay before posting a position. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the right talent. 

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What types of changes in expectations are you seeing from customer service candidates? 

While a competitive salary is still top of mind with job seekers, they are also interested in knowing that employer offers work-life balance. This includes remote work options, flexibility in work hours/schedule – for example, the ability to leave early/come in late on certain days to allow for personal obligations; time off benefits, education/tuition reimbursement, retirement planning, wellness programs, and health insurance. 

Job seekers are also looking for roles that allow them to develop their careers and expand their skill sets. Organizations that promote, offer, and reimburse for career training and development both inside and outside the organization are highly sought after.

Our division director, Amy Vokoun-Lutter, answers more questions like this in our latest trend blog. Read more.