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Whether you’re in need of contractors, temporary workers or full-time employees, Palmer Group has developed connections with quality IT professionals ready for their next career move. From help desk specialists to web developers, and chief information officers, our experts will be able to work with you to identify the right employee for the job and get you up to speed on current job market trends.

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Our experts compile their knowledge in trend blogs and our annual salary guide that features data from our IT staffing division. Below are a few of the most popular positions we see in the job market today.

  1. Network/Desktop Support Specialist
  2. Application Developer/Engineer
  3. Business Intelligence/Data Engineer
  4. Information Security Engineer
  5. Cloud Engineer
  6. DevOps Engineer

Partnering with Palmer Group gives you access to our experts, who are up to date on hiring best practices and current pay rates. Our team is equipped to fill your immediate job opening or consult with you about job titles, job descriptions, and pay before posting a position. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the best talent. 

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What types of IT candidates should hiring managers be looking for?

Hiring managers should be looking for candidates that are continuous learners. Companies and technology are changing constantly, and candidates who can adapt and learn are key to continued growth. Read more from our latest trend blog.