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It takes time for an organization to construct a network of top candidates. At Palmer Group, our recruiting specialists have connections to local professionals ready for their next career move. Whether you need an entry-level warehouse worker, an experienced automation engineer, a plant manager or have multiple positions open, our team is ready to source top candidates for your company. Even if you're in the beginning stages of hiring, our tenured team can take the time to walk you through the hiring process to figure out the best staffing solution for you.

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Partner with our Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing experts

Our experts compile their knowledge in trend blogs and our annual salary guide that features data from our construction, engineering, and manufacturing division. Below are a few of the most popular positions we see in the job market today.

  1. Production/Warehouse Worker
  2. Automation/Embedded Engineer
  3. Design Engineer
  4. Project Manager
  5. Production Leadership (Operations, Production, Engineering Managers)

Our specialists strive to build lasting relationships through open communication, honesty, and transparency. Partnering with Palmer Group gives you access to our experts, who are up to date on hiring best practices and current pay rates. Our team is equipped to fill your immediate job opening or consult with you about job titles, job descriptions, and pay before posting a position. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find top talent. 

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What type of certifications/experience is important for job seekers? 

Certifications and experience are still valued. However, a candidate should be considered if they're an asset without the certification desired. A good question to ask in this scenario is: can the certification needed be obtained while the individual is in the role?  

Another thing to keep in mind is individuals are changing jobs more frequently due to the increased hiring demand and companies aggressively offering higher wages. It is more important today to ask potential candidates their reason for leaving prior employment before passing over them completely due to multiple positions over a few years. Read more from our latest trend blog.