The Importance of Open Communication in the Workplace

If you are going to lead a successful business, you must create an environment with open communication and trust. Open communication allows your employees to be more engaged and understand that what they do matters in the success of the business. Making sure your employees understand the big picture and the part they play in the success of the organization will help them understand why decisions are made and how those decisions impact them specifically and the company as a whole. Effective communication will lead everyone to be on the same page; moving in the same direction toward the same goal.

Effective communication seems simple, but it does take effort. Management should communicate their goals as well as those of the company. Routinely talking with your employees about their goals, both personal and professional, will create accountability for both management and employees. When an issue surfaces, it must be dealt with immediately so everyone can move on.  Achievements must be recognized and communicated not only directly to the deserving individual, but publicly so all can take part in the celebration. When you create an open environment, it will lead to greater job satisfaction, reduced stress, loyalty and mutual respect throughout the organization with the outcome of creating a more productive work environment and a positive workplace.