Five Signs of a Truly Confident Person

The internet is full of articles that show readers how to display confidence, and how to use a confident attitude (genuine or not) to kick down doors and climb the corporate ladder. But as a manager, how can you see through all the bluff and arrogant bluster in order to identify employees who really have the confidence to take your company to the next level? Here are a few key signs.

Truly confident employees…

  1. Aren’t afraid to be wrong. When it comes to conversations and arguments, which employees take a loud stand because they’re afraid to back down and lose face of they turn out to be wrong? And which employees take a stand because they’re NOT afraid to be wrong? Those in the first category are brittle intellectual bullies, but those in the second category, while strong minded, are intelligent, curious, and flexible. They care more about the path forward and the issue at hand than they do about making sure everyone knows they have the answer.

  2. They listen better and more often than they speak. Don’t assume an employee is shy or timid because she doesn’t speak all the time. Truly confident employees open their ears more often than their mouths. They’re interested in what others think, what they feel, and what they have to say. And when they do speak, they think first.

  3. They don’t seek the spotlight. Confident and experienced people know that the spotlight is pleasant, but fickle. So they tend to dodge it and let it shine on others. They recognize that glory is fleeting, and outcome matters more than momentary credit.

  4. They don’t wait for opportunity to be handed to them. Confident employees won’t keep aiming to please and waiting, year after year, to be offered a promotion. They’ll just earn the promotion and then ask for it. And if they don’t get it, they’ll start looking for opportunity outside the company.

  5. They seek approval from only the best sources. You can learn a lot about a person by looking at those who they strive to emulate or impress. When a confident person finds someone they truly admires, they’ll work hard to gain that person’s approval. But this doesn’t happen very often. And if you haven’t earned a place on that short list, they won’t care what you think of them.

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