Employment Agencies 101: Why Work with an Employment Agency?

Have you ever worked with an employment, staffing, or temp agency before? Whether you’re hiring for your company or looking to find a job yourself, an employment agency like Palmer Group provides more resources than a standard staffing firm or temp agency. To better understand how an agency can help you, let’s start by answering these three questions:    

  • What is an employment agency? 
  • How can an employment agency support hiring managers?  
  • How can job seekers benefit from working with an employment agency? 

What is an employment agency? 

According to Merriam-Webster, an employment agency is “an agency whose business is to find jobs for people seeking them or to find people to fill jobs that are open.”  

At Palmer Group, we know the key to helping both hiring managers and job seekers revolves around building strong relationships. We do this by providing a consultative and conversational approach with job seekers and hiring managers, and by addressing any employment-based needs that an individual or company may have. Our solutions go beyond temp services, we offer different job opportunities such as contract, contract-to-hire, direct placement, as well as a list of professional services, and managed services.  

How can an employment agency support hiring managers? 

There is a wide range of services that agencies offer employers and hiring managers. Two of these major services include recruiting and screening potential candidates.  

Recruiting and screening employees is often an expensive and time-consuming process and one that can be especially difficult when a company needs to fill multiple positions quickly. When a company partners with an employment agency, the agency takes over the responsibility of filtering through potential candidates. This allows the hiring manager to have a quality candidate pool to pick from and gives them the time they need to focus on selecting the right candidate for their company. 

Employment agencies are filled with skilled recruiting experts whose main goal is to help hiring managers find the best and brightest employees for their organizations. Recruiters are equipped with a vast network of contacts and resources that make it easier to locate qualified applicants who have the ideal skills and professional experience needed for each role. 

How can job seekers benefit from working with an employment agency? 

Employment agencies are a free job search resource for job seekers. Reputable agencies, like Palmer Group, have an extensive network and connections with a variety of businesses and their hiring managers. Job seekers will work directly with recruiters, who are always up to date on current job market trends and available job opportunities. This helps save job seekers time and gives them a leg-up in their searching. 

Recruiters also provide free coaching to individuals through resume updates, interview preparation, salary negotiations, and more to allow job seekers to be highly competitive in their job search. For example, some professionals may not know how to accurately highlight all their skills, but a recruiter who works in the job market daily will know what advice to give so your resume is as polished and professional as possible. Recruiters also know the benefits and pay ranges of the positions in several businesses, so they can help job seekers navigate the best offer.  

Overall, working with an employment agency has a wide range of services that give both job seekers and hiring managers the support and resources to be successful. 

If you have further questions about employment agencies and the services they provide beyond staffing and temp services or would like to learn more about Palmer Group please contact us for more information.